Craniosacral therapy become popular for people seeking relief

Trained by the Upledger Institute I have offered Craniosacral Therapy for 2 decades in my practice. I have facilitated healing for individuals, using this amazing, gentle therapy to address migraines, server back pain, TBI (Tramatic Brain Injury) and more. If you have questions feel free to contact me via Facebook, email: or my website:


Craniosacral therapy is a newer kind of light-touch technique that’s started gaining popularity with some who are looking for relief from stress, strained muscles, or a dysfunction.

“Most people don’t realize that a lot of their discomforts that they feel are usually right into that central nervous system; so the only way in there, without during surgery is through craniosacral therapy.

The difference between craniosacral therapy and a massage is therapists aren’t pushing the tissue around, they are mobilizing the tissue through a very light, manual touch on and along the bones, which are located from your skull all the way down to your pelvis.

“The ability to feel or palpate, is a trained, refined sensitivity in your hands. “What this does is it gets to the core. It really helps that central nervous system reset.”

The weight of the pressure that you’re seeing being exerted right now on this client is anywhere between 0 grams to 5 grams; and 5 grams being the equivalent to the weight of a nickel.

I have treated patients all ages ranging from children to the elderly.

I have been given approval to speak of a client who swears that craniosacral therapy has helped ease her traumatic brain injury symptoms, specifically migraines and brain fog.

Many kinds of holistic therapies were tried as well as over the counter and prescribed medicines.

Craniosacral is the only therapy that gave immediate, long lasting results.

“It’s not like a deep-tissue massage, or anything like that. It’s very, very relaxing, but in a different way per said client. “When my client came in it was like her brain was having a little meltdown, per her description; there were all these synapses going off and little fireworks; there were migraines once a week for 20 years. By the time my client left her second visit that kind of all calmed down, she could think clearly, process easier and her migraines were completely gone.”

But there are critics who believe this method has little to no therapeutic value, however, my client 7 years later is still migraine free, thinks clearly and process information quickly.