Infant Massage

infant massage in woodland park healing touch

At The Healing Touch we provide infant massage in Woodland Park, Co office. Clinical evidence now shows that loving, touching, nurturing contact between care-giver and infant has an early positive impact on subsequent development-both physically and neurologically. Many nurseries are adopting infant massage as a regular part of their parenting education programs. This soothing treatment enhances the loving bonds between parents and their babies.

Massage helps babies develop a mind-body awareness and helps children connect words to their bodies and actions. Mom and dads who massage their baby report feeling improved self-esteem and more confident in their parenting and baby handling skills. Parents also feel more bonded and securely attached to their baby.

Infant massage is all about reading your baby’s cues and responding accordingly. Nurturing touch and massage provides parents and babies with a relaxing activity to reconnectafter a long day’s work. Massage can help babies achieve a calm state and help transition them to sleep.

Touch is the first sense to develop in the womb at around 10 weeks.  Babies learn, develop and form attachments through their sense of touch.

Benefits of infant massage include:

  •  Helps to strengthen and regulate the respiratory, circulatory and gastrointestinal functions;
  • Helps to relax and relieve stresses which build up daily from so many new encounters;
  • Enhances the loving communication between care-giver and baby;
  • Facilitates deeper bonds through the quality of closeness established between parent and baby.

Infant Massage in Woodland Park

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