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Gift Certificates

Let them know you care. Purchase a Gift Certificate for any occasion, i.e.: birthdays, anniversaries, and a thank you to name a few. The gift of giving is only limited by your imagination. Gift Certificates can be purchased in the amount of the service or multiple services.

Hand Held Massager – $2.00

The Hand Held Massager is one of the most efficient massage therapy aids for the home. Hold it firmly by its comfortable handle using the smooth round knobs to massage tense tired or sore muscles of the neck, back, shoulders, arms or legs.

Soy Massage Candles – $10.00  (Unavailable until further notice)

Now you can experience a warm wax massage. Soy wax is vegetable based and burns at a much lower temperature. Therefore, poured on the skin gives a warm sensation, with no burning. Soy stays soft and can be massaged on the skin until your ready to wipe off with a facial tissue and then rinse or wipe with a damp cloth. Your skin has just been moisturized, softened and firmed with soy’s anti-oxidant called genisten. The soy wax has been infused with perfumed oil; the fragrance will fill the air with a clean, fresh aroma. Soy candles burn 50% longer than regular candles with no black soot build up on your container and they are environmentally friendly.

The Original Tingler

The Ultimate Head Massager – $20.00 (Unavailable until further notice)

Few things in life feel as sensational as The Tingler. It gently massages pressure points and sensitive nerve endings on the head and neck. The Tingler has exceptional healing properties, eliminating stress and tension. It is made from copper which acts as a conductor tapping into your electrical fields. A lot of people say their headaches disappear! All we know for sure is that it will make you very happy! Includes velvet carrying case.