Testimonials – The Healing Touch. Read what clients say about massage services from David Mals and The Healing Touch in Woodland Park, Colorado.

“I have been receiving massage therapy from David Mals for the last two years. I began going to David based on a referral. The first time I went to David and he spent time getting to know me and asked many questions about what I eat, what my exercise regime is and how my body was feeling, I knew he was there to care for the “whole” me. He has educated me on my muscles, posture, stretching, and overall good health of my body. He asked me if I was an athlete and from there he has tailored my treatments around the fact that I work out 6 times a week. I have been to several massage therapists over the years and there is no one I have experienced that is as thorough as David.” — Kelly, Woodland Park, CO.


“My wife and I met David while on a trip to Colorado. After a day of hiking we decided to have massages and David was recommended. We immediately connected with his approach to massage therapy and holistic healing. He has in-depth training, knowledge and experience. The massage was the best that I’ve had. David and I stay in contact on a regular basis because of the connection that was made on our initial meeting.” — Jimmy, Dallas Ft Worth


“David highlighted his work as a cranio sacral therapist during a meeting I attended. He mentioned how his work had helped people with migraines and I happened to be suffering from one at that moment. My migraines were coming days apart at that time. Work was difficult. Staying focused very challenging. He suggested I go through three sessions with him. I did and my migraines went away for two years. I have found that if I continue with David’s therapy my migraines stay away. I see David once a month for cranio sacral therapy and he has taught me a lot about keeping myself well. I highly endorse his work.” — Gayle, Woodland Park, CO.


“David is absolutely the best therapeutic massage therapist I have ever used …and there have been many but none as good. His medical training shows through – he can always find the source of the tension or pain issue and I come away feeling great. He is professional, conscientious and reliable. I thoroughly recommend all his services including energy work (I didn’t believe it would work until he tried it), Reiki and cranial work.” — Roberta, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.


“David is a highly skilled professional who provides quality care that gets beneficial results!” — Lisa K., Woodland Park, CO.


“David has been great! I have gone to David for the last 4 years and he always takes time to identify areas I need improvement on and also suggests ways to improve my health. I highly recommend him for not only Massage but also other services he provides!” — Diana, Colorado Springs Area.


“David is a colleague in the sense that we are both Professional Massage Therapists, although we have separately owned businesses.

Traditionally, Massage Therapists are exceptionally picky about who we allow to work on our own selves, because we know what the standards of care are and we have a high standard of perfection from one therapist to another.

I am pleased to recommend David Mals and The Healing Touch because his standards and professional ethics are some of the highest I have experienced. David is knowledgeable and freely passes his knowledge to others. He is also very open to new ideas and different methods of bodywork. We readily refer clients to each other and currently see each other for professional trade.

David’s experience in the field make him an asset to the massage community and clients can be assured that his skills will have a positive effect in helping them with the healing process. His commitment to a client-centered therapy and his rapport with other health care professional make The Healing Touch a wise choice.” — Richard Garcia, Community Therapeutics


“I wasn’t sure what to expect from Craniosacral Therapy with David, but if it could reduce my number of migraines I would consider it a success. Not only has the frequency decreased, but the severity of the migraines has diminished. My doctors have also encouraged me to continue with the therapy. I’m a testament to the benefits of craniosacral therapy, and will continue with maintenance sessions. Thank you, David!” — Lisa, Woodland Park, CO.


“I have been getting massages from David for about six months. I look forward to feeling relaxed and, at the same time, invigorated. My overall movement and flexibility has improved significantly since I have been seeing David. I also know that I will have an incredibly peaceful night’s rest after my massage.” — Barbara, Woodland Park, CO

“I went to see David because my doctor wanted to inject me with steroids for my “tennis elbow”. After seeing David several times, my pain has been significantly reduced. Not only does my elbow feel better, I feel rejuvenated.” — Janet, Divide, CO


‘I have had the pleasure of working with David at the Healing Touch several times. He is an excellent massage therapist with many years experience. He is very interested in learning what my needs are, and I have always been very happy with the quality of his work. I would recommend him highly!’ — Dawn, Woodland Park, CO.