"Your body has all of the answers. As a Licensed Massage Therapist, I am a facilitator with knowledge." - David R. Mals, LMT

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The Healing Touch provides an environment which assists in your journey towards wellness. This is accomplished through therapeutic massage, other alternative therapies, emotional/spiritual support and classes.
Life often presents us with stressful situations, illnesses, severe physical or emotional traumas, and internal as well as external forces that affect our lives in ever-changing ways. You can however, manage the results of these forces successfully and often make life more comfortable, productive and enjoyable. As a professional at The Healing Touch I will make every effort to assist you.
What is important to remember is that YOU are the healer and your own inner physician has many of the answers that you need. As a therapist and facilitator with knowledge, I can be present with you on your journey. Sometimes, I can aid in helping you pause long enough to realize that the key to health is often in your own commitment to being well. Then with that commitment, we can travel the path together.

YOU are the Healer.
Your body has all of the answers.
Isn't time to begin your healing journey?
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